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Work Health & Safety is top priority for everyone at John Heine & Son. We continually invest in training, equipment, and our facility to create a safer work environment for our employees, contractors, and visitors. As a result of our commitment to safety, We are proudly achieving a current record of over 600 LTI free days John Heine and Son has a long list of established Health and Safety Management Policies to cover and exceed the legal requirements under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Workplace Injury Management & Workers Compensation Act 1999 Connect With Us

Quality Assurrance

John Heine & Son is an ISO Quality Endorsed company and operates a quality management program to comply with ISO standard 9001:2015


Where possible recycled steel scrap is sourced from local scrap suppliers A Sand Recycling process is employed in the Foundry and a significant proportion of any residual waste generated is similarly distributed to industries that can use it as a first step.

Continuous Improvement

Our Continuous Improvement Program in manufacturing goes beyond the traditional approach. The strategic business plan focuses on improvement long term change in culture. Involving employee development and creating process best practises.

Why John Heine?

Customer Service

On time delivery performance of greater than 95% and dedicated customer service team ensuring communication on your order and customer satisfaction

Superior Quality Castings

John Heine & Son is a ISO 90001 quality endorsed foundry & machine shop providing world class white iron castings & components

Exceptional Safety

Everyone at John Heine is committed to making the workplace a zero harm environment