John Heine & Son – family owned ferrous casting foundry in Sydney, Australia manufacturing and supplying wear parts all over Australia and SE Asia. We provide quality spare parts for Quarrying, Mining and Power generation industries.

We are manufacturing and supplying replaceable steel and metal casting crusher plates and wear parts for Jaw crushers. Manganese hardens the steel work surface, giving the plates a much harder and abrasion-resistant layer. We use high quality material steel and metal to melt, cast, and manufacture own parts under the name HEINEHARD brand.



We have accomplished quality standard of the completed items upgrading item quality by understanding the base extinguishing time utilizing this feature. A completed heat treatment process achieves by using large gas fired ovens temperature system inside the heat treatment furnace.

Keep our resources local as much as possible.  For any questions on manganese wear plate please give us a call or email.  Thanks for watching!

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