Ferrous Metal vs Non-Ferrous Metals

What is the Difference Between Ferrous Metals and Non-Ferrous Metals

What is the Difference Between Ferrous Metals and Non-Ferrous Metals

Any strong metal that can be liquefy can be cast. Foundries are the industrial facilities that accomplish this casting work, creating aptitude with a bunch of metals and techniques, and structuring standard items to provide worth and proficiency production.

Definition of ferrous casting metal that contains iron; Non-ferrous metals that does not contain iron.

Let see what the difference between Ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals is.

Ferrous Casting Metal & Properties

Ferrous Casting metals usually contain different combination of alloy components. Some of the alloying elements are chromium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, manganese. These are the components provides ferrous steels property that used in engineering industry.

Some Noted ferrous casting materials

  • Long-lasting
  • Better flexible intensity
  • It provides magnetic property to steel
  • Less corrosion rates
  • It can be recyclable
  • Great conductors of power

Types of Ferrous Casting Metals

The main properties of iron are that it is thick, powerful when mixed with carbon, rich and easy to improve, extremely flat to rust and magnetic. Mixing iron with other components in various proportions can reduce or eradicate one or more of these components. Carbon contained ferrous alloys commonly known as iron or steel and including many elements ranges from aluminum to vanadium depends on the requirements. The ferrous casting metals are,

  • IRON
  • Cast irons
  • Gray Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Steel casting
  • Medium Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steels
  • Silicon, Titanium, Vanadium
  • Nickel-iron alloy – (other common types)

Non-Ferrous Metal

Generally non-ferrous metals that does not contain any iron. Now we go to see some of the properties of non-ferrous metals. That are,

  • Low intensity
  • Simple to produce
  • Great conductors of power
  • Not have any magnetic property
  • Good Heat transfer
  • Good rust resistance.

Here is some of the non-ferrous casting metals that used in engineering industry.

A short list of common non-ferrous metals will include:

  • Precious metals like silver, platinum, and gold
  • Copper and its alloys like bronze and brass
  • Nickle, Palladium, Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Tin, Lead
  • Zinc

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Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment – Steel Casting for Manganese Parts of Jaw Crusher

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We have accomplished quality standard of the completed items upgrading item quality by understanding the base extinguishing time utilizing this feature. A completed heat treatment process achieves by using large gas fired ovens temperature system inside the heat treatment furnace.

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Jaw Crusher Parts for Sale Australia

Jaw Crusher Parts for Sale

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Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

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